Each and every week, Louis spouts some incredible bullshit. Here's an archive of the depths of his persona, as expressed by his unfiltered lexicon.

Perverse Quotes (smh Louis) Edit

  • "So Tom - Can we agree, that yoga pants are, in fact, the best thing ever?" - Louis after ogling the girls in the gym for 2 hours
  • "Yo, Mati's really hot" - in reference to Elena's younger sister, Mati.
  • "Yo, I'll put my thighs around you whenever you want" - Louis to Tom
  • "Aww, she's hot, I wouldn't mind a bit-o'-that, lads" - Louis upon seeing any type of female
  • "Go and have a stress wank!" - Wise Words of Louis that kickstarted his following
  • "I'd bang her shes motherfucking hot, I'd sort her right out." "I got a thing for fat Asians, I like to get lost in her stomach" - In reference to an obese Asian woman, image:

Stupid Quotes (Also smh Louis) Edit

  • Did you hear, I got a collat? - Louis upon getting a collateral during his professional CSGO career
  • I am a vegetarian now! - Louis whilst eating a chicken and stuffing sandwich
  • Louilliam Hunsely...that's great!!! - Louis after hearing of his ship with William Hunt
  • I am gonna do like a day of revision this Saturday - Louis before doing 8 hours of procrastination
  • Nova fucking 4 lads!!! Suck my dick! - Louis after reaching nova 4 on the 26/04/17